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Hi! I’m Jacquelyne Marianno Osborn, aka Jacque O, founder of Jacque O Creative digital marketing and advertising agency.

I’ve always loved when a friend shares their new business idea or side project with me. Hearing the excitement and passion in their voice, seeing their face light up with possibility, it’s contagious! I’m compelled to think of every possible way I can help them achieve their dream. My mind jumps into marketing mode. If there is anything I can do to help them reach their potential, I will.

That’s what led me here. 

My Story

Who knew back in college, as a still undecided major, that taking on a role no one wanted would set me on this career path. As Technology Chairman, I was tasked with running our website and training other young women not to post photos with red solo cups in their hands and to watch their language online. (The public versus private nature of social media was and still is a battle.)

Fast forward to my first “adult job” out of college working as a Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for a beverage company. I was green when it came to marketing but I knew social media. I grew up with MySpace’s colorful profiles and experienced Facebook’s rapid rise first-hand. The causal language and way in which people used the platforms came naturally to me. I helped build their social platforms and organically grow their Facebook page to more than a million followers.

After that, I pulled a 180 and began working for a health nonprofit. In this role I found purpose. Bringing my experience to an organization that saves lives makes marketing feel invaluable. As the digital strategy director I create content, consult on strategy and of course, create and place ads. If you want to delve into my resume check me out on LinkedIn.

Over the past 10+ years, I have seen social media marketing evolve in incredible ways. The rise of video, the invention of SnapChat and disappearing story content, TikTok’s rapid rise and the explosion of digital advertising and how it’s shaped the platforms.

The newest chapter in my story is the creation of Jacque O Creative. Why? I want to take everything I’ve learned throughout my career, create a business that provides freedom and most importantly, helps other entrepreneurs tap into the growth potential that digital marketing has to offer.

My Approach

First and foremost, I want to get to know you and your business goals. I understand that building a business is a passion project that comes with a lot of highs and (hopefully not so many) lows. I want to hear your story.

From there our digital marketing strategy is based around growing your business and achieving your goals. We will work together closely as we set everything up and from there on out I will be hands-on optimizing your ads while you handle all of the new client request or sales that are coming in.

I can’t wait to meet you and hear the story of your business!